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STORIES are at the heart of what we do, so let’s begin with one.

Once upon a time in a Little Readers’ Nook class, a bunch of kids read about a tired mum who wanted a break. Touched by the story, the kids went home and offered to help with chores. Parents were stunned! How did we teach their kids EMPATHY in just one day?

We did not! Kids discovered this life skill on their own, through a handpicked story and a stimulating conversation. Since the discovery was SELF DRIVEN, the learning was impactful, memorable. That, in a nutshell, is the power of stories at Little Readers’ Nook!


A fun Life Skills class to spark free-thinking & expression in kids!

Consider this. A rapidly evolving 21st CENTURY demands not just knowledge, but innovation and strong people skills. A host of challenges await children in the world beyond our home: fear, failure, pressure, ridicule. Are our kids equipped to meet them head-on?

At Little Readers’ Nook, kids learn through DEEP DISCOVERY of their favourite stories. Stories mirror life, featuring hurdles children may face growing up. Learning through experiences of story characters is a safe way to tackle real-world problems.

We cannot think of a better way to build LIFE SKILLS, can you?

Over 10,000

Happy Kids!






Little Readers’ Nook is on a mission to inspire young minds with stories, as well as to shape confident, creative, and expressive little people.

Over 10,000 kids across the globe have built positive attitudes with us.

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3 Tiered Programs

While we advocate early intervention to build life skills, our small, age-appropriate steps ensure children are never burdened.

  • Level 1 - Books Made Fun (Ages 2-4)

      Parents and Child storytimes

  • Level 2 - READiscover (Ages 5-6)

      Early Literacy play and discovery

  • Level 3 - Words & Beyond (Ages 7-9)

      Creative Communication workshops 

      (Coming soon)

Upcoming Events

Malaysian Launch | 27 Sept 2020

Level 1 & 2 (Ages 2-4 & 5-6)


Introducing Books and Stories in a fun way to children as young as 2 years old, conducted by our dynamic Story Wizards!

In each 45 minute session, children will bond over books, discover new words, play creative and action-based games, sing fun rhymes, learn to narrate as well as reenact! 

These sessions would also allow children to experience fun learning in a safe environment, and can work out to be a fun outing each week!

More Events coming soon!

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