Our questions make kids think.

Our stories help them understand. Our listening sparks their self expression.

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Multicultural books - windows to the world

Kids meet diverse people in celebrated multicultural books and stories, soaking in new ideas, words and rich language.

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Questions & drama - our secret sauce

We specialise in asking probing questions to spark open conversations and using drama to dig deep into stories.

As kids step into characters’ shoes, they learn how other people think and share ideas to creatively solve problems.

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A magical brew sparks communication

Our programs are FUN! The most reticent child’s self expression soars with our magical brew of books, stories, art, drama, games, questions and conversations.


Children never realise they have been ‘learning’!

3 Tiered Programs

While we advocate early intervention to build life skills, our small, age appropriate steps ensure children are never burdened.


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Level 1 - Books Made Fun!

Parent and Child storytimes for ages 2-4


  • Discover new words

  • Develop active listening skills

  • Action games, rhymes, and sensory play

  • Fall in love with the magical world of books

  • Thematic learning with choicest picture books

45 minutes, once a week, offered at all locations

Level 2 - READiscover

Early Literacy play and discovery for ages 5-6

  • Shared reading, comprehension and vocabulary

  • Thinking prompts for creative problem solving

  • Socio-emotional skills with group discussions

  • Storytelling, Speech and Drama

  • Introduction to reading and writing

  • Multicultural children’s literature

  • Self Expression Days to build confidence

45 minutes, once a week, offered at all locations

Level 3 - Words & Beyond

Creative Communication workshops for ages 7-9

  • Design thinking with teamwork


  • Reading fluency and wordplay


  • Debates and public speaking


  • Comprehension strategies


  • Creative writing

90 minutes, once a week offered at select locations

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